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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: HLD
  • Model Number: 25kw
  • Type: Wind Power Generator
  • Rated wind speed: 10m/s
  • Start up wind speed: 3m/s
  • Working wind speed: 4m/s-25m/s
  • Survival wind speed: 50m/s
  • Rated output power: 25kw
  • Max output power: 30kw
  • Wind turbine type: horizontal axis, directly drive, auto furing wind turbine
  • Generator type: 3 phrase AC C.W pma
  • Working system: grid tie, grid off, wind solar hybrid system
  • Working voltage: 500v

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details Wind turbine main body: 6.36cbm, 5 packages, gross weight 1800kgs;
Controller with dump load: 2 plywood cases, 1.36cbm, 247kgs.
Inverter: plywood case
See below packing details.
Delivery Time Shipped in 10 days after payment

25kw wind turbine manufacture with wind energy system for 25kw wind generator Grid tied system


FD10-25kw KW WIND TURBINE MAIN BODY: US$8000.00/set.

FD12-25kw wind turbine main body: US$9000.00/set


( Including 3 pcs blades, nose cone, hub, generator, manual brake system, nacelle, tail rod, tail vane.)


PWM controller with dump load, inverter, tower price will provided seperately.


 User can take whole system from us, also can take any part of the system from us. 


Product Description

 1. 25kw wind turbine normal data

 Horizontal axis, directly drive, fixed blades pitch/pitch controlled, upwind wind wind turbine


For farm, small village use


FD12-25kw wind turbine work in low average wind speed place;

FD10-25kw wind turbine work in rich average wind speed place;

12m blades rotor wind turbine, rated wind speed is 10m/s. suitable for the lower average wind speed.   


Model:                       FD10-25kw
Rotor Diameter:         10m
Number of Blades:      3pcs
Material of Blades:       Fibre glass expoxy
Cut-in wind speed:        3m/s
Working wind speed:    4-30m/s
Survival wind speed:     50m/s
Rated wind speed:      12m/s
Rated rotate speed:    180r/min
Rated output power:    25kw
Max output power:    30kw
Type of tower:              Manganese steel independence tower
Type of generator:        Permanent-magnet 3 phase AC
Speed regulation method:Yaw
Stop method:              Brake by hand drag 
Working voltage:         DC500V
Tower height:            15m or special request
Wind turbine main body weight: 1700kg
Measurement(CBM): 6.1CBM (wind turbine main body and controller)
Life span:20 years; 
Warranty:3 years
Working system: on/off grid working system



Model:                       FD12-25kw
Rotor Diameter:         12m
Number of Blades:      3pcs
Material of Blades:       Fibre glass expoxy
Cut-in wind speed:        3m/s
Working wind speed:    4-30m/s
Survival wind speed:     50m/s
Rated wind speed:      10m/s
Rated rotate speed:    160r/min
Rated output power:    25kw
Max output power:    30kw
Type of tower:              Manganese steel independence tower
Type of generator:        Permanent-magnet 3 phase AC
Speed regulation method:Yaw
Stop method:              Brake by hand drag 
Working voltage:         DC500V
Tower height:            15m or special request
Wind turbine main body weight: 1850kg
Measurement(CBM): 7CBM (wind turbine main body and controller)
Life span:20 years; 
Warranty:3 years
Working system: on/off grid working system



Blades, hub for the wind turbine




Wind turbine assembly 



3.  Wind turbine freatures


1.  Blade: Manufacturing according to the airscrew structure principle and techniques.
      Optimal wide TSR & High L/D ratio. With protection film on the edge, long work life.
     Select blade type by wind tunnel testing. 
     With high efficiency, low noise.

2.       Blades rotor: Hub adopts casting molding; Blades rotor and generator adopt universal 

connection, directly driven.

 Connection is reliable, durable, smooth operation without vibration.
3.       Generator 

Rotor: Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet. Prefabricated tangential magnetic circuit rotor; 

High magnetic flux density, small 

cubage, good manufacturing process and high performance. 
Adopt SKF, NSK bearing. 
Close transmission slip ring, the cable will not enlace.
4.  Speed regulation: yaw. Simple, reliable and safety.
5.  Anti-corrosion treatment:  All the outside parts are designed to anti-salt, anti-fog, anti-atmospheric 
anti-sandstorm corrosion design. 

6.Tower: guy wire tower, tilting up tower, standalone tower, hydraulic tower… 

It can be designed according to your request.

7.   300w-2.5kw auto braking; 3kw-30kw auto braking system and manual braking system. 
8.   Wind turbine design principle is simple, safety, reliable, maintenance free. 
9.    Provide low wind place, rich wind place solution. Wind turbine OEM service. 


 4. Working system


Wind turbine on grid system: 25kw wind turbine with tower + PWM on grid controller with dump load + 2 sets 15k grid tie inverter with isolation transformer/or one 27k ABB grid tie inverter.



Wind turbine off grid working system:

25kw wind turbine with tower + PWM off grid charge controller with dump + battery group + 30kva pure sine wave inverter;



Wind solar hybrid off grid system, diesel or grid power as backup power


5. 25kw fixed pitch wind turbine advantage


Fixed pitch wind turbine 25kw including: 3 pcs FRB blades, nose cone, hub, generator with manual brake parts, nacelle, tail rod, tail vane. 

  • Low/normal average wind speed wind turbine 
  • Fixed pitch,auto yaw, auto brake, manual brake protection system. 
  • Low cost, reliable and steady working system
  • Low start up wind speed 3m/s, low rated wind speed 10m/s;(FD12-25kw)
  • Low noise level, provide noise drawing chart
  • High efficiency 3 phrase AC permanent magnet generator 
  • Vacuum mould blades with protection film, long worklife span in sand wind condition
  • Wind turbine with antiseptic treatment, hot-galvanize tower. It can be work in sea side, island, lake...
  • stand alone tower is easy to installation for sample order; Hydraulic tower is easy to install for bulk order. 
  • We provide completely on grid system kit
6. Application

Home, farm,  signal station, island, garden... 



7. Blades,pma



Vacuum mould blades with protection film

C.W blades, low noise level, high efficiency

FRB material, 3 pcs blades per set 

Adjust blades rotor balance before delivery


  Iron cast housing made by losting mould. Beautiful and antirust. Rare earth material, high efficiency and low start up torque



9. Tower type: stand lone tower, hydraulic tower (optional) 


Tower height can be manufacture according to user's request. 

The tower with  hot-galvanize.

We provided the tower foundation drawing after confirm the tower type, tower height. 



10. Matched controller 


Controller converts 3 phase AC power to Dc and charge to the battery group or feed to the grid tie inverter.  

Controller with auto brake function, PWM voltage stablization function. 

Matched with off grid single phrase/ 3 phase pure sine wave inverter. 

On grid system grid tie inverter ABB power one inverter, our provided grid tie inverter. 


Power of the equipped wind turbine (W)


Operating mode



Commutation, control

Operating environment

Temperature -30~60℃, humidity≤80%

PWM unloading voltage (DCV)


three-phase dump load 1 voltage (DCV)


three-phase dump load 2 voltage (DCV)


three-phase dump load 2 delay time (min)

10-20 minutes

Low voltage indicator (V)


Self-provided connecting wire of the three-phase dump load 1(mm²)


Self-provided connecting wire of the three-phase dump load 2 (mm²)


Self-provided connecting wire of the PWM dump load(mm²)


PWM unloading fuse (A)


DC output fuse (A)



  • Two sets of control systems:PWM constant voltage system and three-phase dump load system.
  • PWM constant voltage control is 120% of the rated power of the wind turbine. In case exceeding of PWM’s capacity, the three-phase dump load will automatically start immediately. After 10-20 minutes, the three-phase dump load will stop and the wind turbine will re-start to resume power supply to ensure the safe running of the overall wind turbine generation system.
  • Under the strong or super-strong wind conditions, the controller can conduct constant voltage output to ensure the inverter safety running.
  • Under the condition of disconnected grid-connected inverter, the controller can conduct constant voltage output and wait for inverter resumption. 
  • The three-phase dump load of the controller will automatically start and the inverter will stop grid output when the power grid is off. As soon as the grid power resuming, the controller stops three-phase dump load and the inverter will resume power supply.
  • For the different wind turbine generator type, the controller can be equipped with mechanical yawing, furled empennage, mechanical or hydraulic, pneumatic, electric magnetic and other brake functions.
  • The inside of the controller is equipped with surge arrester. Contain the over voltage into the wind turbine under the bearable voltage of the equipment or system. On another way, to conduct the strong lightening current into the earth directly to avoid any damage of equipment.
  • The below LED status indication can be found on the front panel: indications of wind turbine, dump load, three-phase dump load delay time, under pressure, grid power and DC output voltage.
  • Voltmeter indication: Indicate the controller DC output voltage.
  • The controller is equipped with emergency stop switch; in case of emergency, press down the emergency stop button in the front panel to cut off all power supply of the controller and the wind turbine will immediately carry out three-phase dump load.
  • The controller is equipped with manual three-phase dump load switch. To using this switch, the wind turbine will carry out three-phase dump load forcibly.


11.Inverter for on/off grid system: 


Matched (3 phase )grid tie inverter 15k*2 sets, add isolation transformer between two grid tie inverter. pure sine wave inverter single phase/ 3 phase 

Inverter output voltage, frequency can be manufactured according to different countries request. 



pure sine wave inverter single phase 30kva


Other  fixed pitch wind turbine model list:


ModelWorking voltage



Packaging & Shipping


plywood case/soft packages 


Delivery by sea. FOB/C&F, CIF


Delivery via LCL, 40' CONTAINER 


Normally we delivery the products by sea.  If you need us check the delivery cost, pls let us know the destination port to you.  Then we will check the delivery cost accordingly.


ItemDescriptionPacking G.W(Kg)
Packing methodoutside size(m)
1Hub,nose cone and under coverplywood box0.55 150
2Generator/rotor bodyplywood box1.77 890
3Bladesplywood box2.09 390
4Tail vaneTail vane plateplywood box0.85 255
Tail vane frame
Giant-shaped steel & others
5Tail rodsoft package0.25 75
6.On grid controllercarton0.10 30
7.Unload boxcarton0.46 77
8grid tie inverterplywood box0.99 400
TTL:  7.072267



25kw 15m stand alone tower with accessory:
3 pcs,5.5m/bottom part,middle part 5m,upper part4.5m,Instert together
Total packing size is 13cbm. 1750kgs




Our Services



Provide professional wind turbine technical support; 

Provide on/off grid system design, wind solar hybrid system design service.  

 Completely system provider and designer;  

Wind turbine type, model, capacity selection professional support; 

Tower design, foundation drawing support; 

Provide Pma, hub, flange drawing; 

Provide OEM service, customized service.  

 Support paypal /west union payment, TT payment;



Company Information



We started to manufacture wind turbine in 1994. In 2004, there are only 4 small wind turbine manufactures in China. We keep improving and develop in the small wind turbine field. We are not the leading small wind turbine exporter, but we are the leading wind turbine manufacture and designer now. 


 We manufacture 300w-30kw fixed pitch wind turbine;


2kw, 3kw, 5kw, 10kw, 20kw, 30kw, 50kw, 60kw pitch controlled wind turbine;


On grid system/off grid system, wind solar hybrid system; Water heating system;


For more details, pls contact with us via e-mail.






 1. Wind turbine model selection


It depends your local annual average wind speed, daily/monthly home power consumption. 


Low average wind speed place, select larger blades rotor, higher rated working voltage;


Rich wind place select speed limited wind turbine: variable pitch wind turbine, stall out vertical axis wind turbine.


The safety and steady working system is the first choice. 


2. Wind turbine tower selection


Now we have guy wire tower, stand alone tower, tilting up tower, hydraulic tower. 

Guy wire tower cost is lower, easy to delivery. But the installation area is larger;


Tilting up tower is for 500w-5kw wind turbine.  Easy installation, small installation area. But the delivery cost is higher. 


Hydraulic tower: It is used for no crane place. Easy installation and put down. The cost is higher. 


Stand alone tower for the installation place with crane. 


The tower height:  Make sure blades rotor is higher than wind turbine surrounding barrier height. 


3. Working system selection


On grid system: wind turbine with tower + PWM controller with dump load + grid tie inverter;


Off grid system: wind turbine with tower + PWM charge controller with dump load + battery group + inverter;


Wind solar hybrid on/off grid system: Safety and reliable than only wind or solar system.


Wind turbine water heating system: work in rich wind place. Average wind speed higher than 8m/s. 

For more question, pls contact with us directly.  We will give you a professional response. 


Why select us:


We are the wind turbine designer and manufacture. We know our wind turbine advantage and disadvantage in different wind condition.


I have more than 10 years wind turbine sales experience. We provide the right wind turbine and working system to different user according to their different situation and request. 

In 2004, there are 4 small wind turbine manufacture. Now there are so much trading company and manufacture, we know Chinese small wind turbine market well and can provide user more useful advise.    

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